We learn from previous and current successful games that inspire us regarding target audiences, idle games, idle token income, etc. We understand the importance of what crypto games, which present NFTs, should provide: actual ownership, Play-to-Earn real value, and implementation of the marketplace for NFTs. ZipClash is a global game that could be played on any platform, with favor to mobile devices – the game is for everyone. However, the game is expected at least to bring fun to most fans of the Idle Games, Food Theme, and simulation genre, specifically young players from 15 to under 35 with a mobile device that could connect to the internet. No prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies is needed. The value and uniqueness of the ZipClash are protected. Before applying to the game, every change or new design would be discussed with the community. We will meet you on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit in the first stage, but we will soon be actively available on all social networks. In addition, we will bring together fans and players of ZipClash from all over the world by holding face-to-face events and competitions to build a large, dynamic, and growing community.

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