Game Story

ZipClash is a world of the food-producing planet and lovely interplanetary restaurants, green and magical, in the middle of the "Green Milky Way" galaxy. Life is beautiful and cheerful on this planet. The planet is inhabited by cute and weird creatures who dance and sing happy songs that are melodic and tender to the soul. On this planet, they lead a happy life while enjoying the coziness of the tiny world, which serves as their home, restaurant, and workplace. They make delicious, peaceful, cooked foods and sell and deliver them to other planets. Life on this planet is always green, calm, and quiet in the Milky Greenway. However, with the emergence of one of the largest artificial galaxies in human history, the peace of this land has been endangered. A galaxy full of darkness, metal, and gears, and full of mechanical creatures capable of working and cooking 24 hours a day and making Packaged food in cardboard boxes. Now we should not waste time-saving this milky green planet. We have to confront the indefatigable planet of food production as fast as possible and repel the occasional attacks of its strange machine creatures.
This time we need all of you players. You own one of the most advanced and iconic restaurants in the intergalactic chain. Players are responsible for expanding and upgrading their galaxy restaurants. Planets are full of weird and half-familiar food, managers, and employees. Each of the planets is a source of income and comprises different parts. At first, players will only take over a restaurant without facilities, but players add vehicles to the planet responsible for delivering food to customers as the game progresses. The vehicle has a semi-terrestrial mode and will be a beautiful representation of a player's restaurant and the luxury planet. Besides the vehicle, there will be some managers, buildings, and warehouses that players can add to the planet to boost their income. The planets are also virtual assets (NFTs), and players can offer their assets to other players for sale at a higher price.