A planet is a place that produces and sells food for players. During each working period of the planet, players earn some coins by selling the food produced. The main area in the game whose development and upgrade gamers have to focous on is the planets. players get the planet in two ways:

Buy from the market
In this case, players can buy any planet that they like, but they have to pay an amount of token from the marketplace as the planet seller determines NFT.

players pay coins and get a random planet.
Planets are divided into three different categories based on the number of boosters they can have:

  • Common
    These planets have 3 slots to add boosters and have a simple structure.
  • Rare
    These planets have 4 slots to add boosters. Therefore, the appearance of this type is more complex and more detailed than in the previous case.
  • Wonder
    These planets have 5 slots to add boosters. They are the most complex planets and have a professional shape and appearance. Food-1


There are two types of boosters:

  • Planet Booster
  • Galaxy Booster

Planet Booster

These boosters are essential to players' planets and can boost their planet's production. By adding them to a player's planet, they can increase their speed or the amount of output to increase a player's planet's income. Also, with the help of some boosters, players can reduce the coins needed for production. In addition to upgrading the planet, players can also increase their income using the boosters on their planet. How to get boosters in the game:

  • Donated to players randomly.
  • Can be bought from the marketplace.

Galaxy Booster

These boosters can be used for any player galaxies and increase all their planets' production. 6

Booster: Production Building

3 4 5 6 7 8

Every successful restaurant needs a production department like a kitchen to produce food. The production building is the first and the most important booster that can be added to a planet. By adding the production building to the planet, the production volume of the player's planet will increase.

Booster: Manager

c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 c7

The manager is also a kind of booster. The player's restaurant needs a manager to handle things and increase production quality. The required amount of coins to upgrade the planet will be reduced by adding the manager. Players chef will reduce their costs by managing their work routines properly.

Booster: Vehicle

m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7

The vehicle is also one of the main components of a prosperous planet. Vehicles deliver manufactured foods to the customers as fast as possible and increase production speed.


A galaxy is where players' planets are located. By placing each planet in its galaxy, one can generate income. Planets can only be used in their galaxy. Galaxies are not always active, and they vary depending on their daily activity. The different types of galaxies are:

  • Common
    The operating time is 2 hours a day.
  • Rare
    The operating time is 3 hours a day.
  • Wonder
    The operating time is 4 hours a day.
    Do not forget that players will have to visit their galaxies daily and turn them on to work in the game. Otherwise, they will lose their daily income. g1

Upgrade planets and boosters

Planets and boosters are upgraded in exchange for game coins. Upgrading the planet can increase its coin production and revenue. Upgrading boosters also increases their effectiveness. Players should always try to increase the production rate of their coins by upgrading the planets and their boosters promptly.

u1 u2

Inventory List

Players gradually gain assets in the game by playing. All the player's assets are listed in their Inventory list, and they can check the status of their property at any time.
Player's inventory includes:

  • Licensed Planets
  • All boosters
    The player can increase their inventory by playing and receiving planets and boosters randomly in the game. They can also buy a planet or booster from other players in the marketplace by paying tokens. Once the player purchases an item, it will automatically be added to their inventory in the game.