The First Day of the Game

  1. First, players will create an account and enter the game.
  2. At the beginning of the game, players will get access to a free galaxy to play with.
  3. Players will build the first planet for free. (This planet is given to them at random.)
  4. Players will learn the activation of the planet and earn coins from the planet, which can be repeated.
  5. The first upgrade of the planet will open, and the player will experience having an income and upgrading several times.
  6. Players will add the first booster and increase production.
  7. Players will experience buying /building a second planet.
  8. Players will automate the income of the first planet and have automatic production. Their planet will keep working without clicking on it.
  9. By the end of the first day, players will be able to upgrade and buy the booster of the first three planets.
  10. After 2 hours, the possibility of producing food and receiving coins from the galaxy is turned off. Here the player will have to wait for the next day to turn on galaxy again.