Earning from the Game

The ways to earn income from the game are as follows:

  • Build, upgrade and sell planets and boosters in the market as NFT (non-fungible tokens)
  • Perform missions of each galaxy (Galaxical Quests / Mission List)
  • Acquire the token benefit of long-term participation in the game (Staking)
    • The player can use the participation benefit by renting a planet to another player and get monthly token income instead.
  • Participate in occasional intergalactic tournaments (PVP Tournament) and receive awards
    • In these tournaments, each player pays an entry fee to enter, and at the end of the tournament, the players who score the most points will receive outstanding token prizes.
    • Burning tokens: Tokens that players pay as an entry fee for tournaments will be burned forever. This is to increase & keep the value of the token in the long term.