Roadmap & Future Plans

We are absolutely dedicated to meeting our development goals ahead of schedule and providing the ultimate framework and feature support for ZipClash. The following are our paths toward achieving this goal.


  • Idea phase✔️
  • Logical game planning✔️
  • Game Design✔️
  • Game guide document✔️
  • White Paper✔️
  • Social Media Release✔️


  • Premarketing✔️
  • Game Prototype✔️
  • Website Release✔️
  • Private sale✔️


  • Token Smart Contract✔️
  • Contract Audit
  • Mobile App Beta testing✔️


  • Public ICO
  • Release Token
  • Releasing Beta version (without token income)✔️
  • Releasing the first galaxies✔️
  • Common type planets✔️
  • Common type boosters✔️
  • The main cycle of the game (food production and earning)✔️
  • Daily activity (daily working hours of galaxies)✔️
  • Inventory for player's assets✔️


  • Adding Match 3 mini-game to the gameplay
  • Releasing the second Galaxy: A Rare Galaxy
  • Adding Rare Planets
  • Adding Rare boosters


  • Marketplace
  • Release in Game Token (ZPI)
  • Releasing the version with token income
  • Releasing galaxy 3 and 4: Wonder galaxies
  • Releasing the version with ZPI token income
  • Ability to license Free planets and convert them to Common
  • Connecting the game to the marketplace
  • Creating VIP subscription
  • Adding a Mission list (Player ZPI token income by completing in-game missions)
  • Adding Wonder Planets
  • Adding Wonder boosters


  • Expanding community
  • Releasing galaxies 5, 6, and 7: Adding 3 months of playtime
  • Adding Event Galaxy: Get ZIC token income
  • Adding Chest/Loot Box: Open with ZIC token
  • Adding Cosmetics: Decorative items
  • Adding Renting System: Players can earn money by renting their planet without playing.


  • Releasing galaxies 8, 9, and 10: Adding 3 months of time play
  • Crafting System: A new system for creating new items
  • Crafting Currency: A new currency for making new items
  • Implementing Burning Planets: A structure for burning old planets
  • Live Ops & Events


  • Adding galaxies 11, 12, and 13: Adding 3 months of playing time
  • Adding Clan / Playing with Friends
  • Clan Quest
  • Live Ops & Events