The blockchain gaming space is replete with many games with different genres; however, the idle simulation gaming model has remained entirely untapped. The satisfying clicker (idle simulation) was inspired by Adventure Capitalist. ZipClash rewards players with in-game tokens for daily tasks, upgrading planets, and operating interplanetary restaurants. After reaching the top level, players have excellent weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue prospects. It's all about investing, increasing your business, and even becoming wiser in your decisions with ZipClash. The primary distinction between this game and other idle/clicker games is its revenue and economic model, which is based on blockchain technology and metaverse best practices and allows players to make a living by completing daily missions and trading their virtual assets (NFTs).

Note: We're currently working hard to add new features to the game, so contents in the Whitepaper could be revised in the future.

Welcome to the ZipClash Whitepaper